With the outbreak of corona virus it has been much important for the masses to take unusual care and safeguard themselves against the disease. In this scenario it is important for an employer to keep a keen eye on the safety of workers. In addition to prevention a PPE Kit is equally necessary to reinforce Covid-appropriate behavior.

We have designed the best PPE Kits that have the ability to prevent infection and keep you shielded. Personal protective equipment also commonly known as PPE is effective in preventing the daunting effects of infection in health care professionals.

Who are we?

We are the best PPE Kit Manufacturer in Vasai Thane Mumbai. With the advent of Covid 19 there has been a rise in the wave for procurement and distribution of PPE Kits. In addition to providing PPE Kits to your workers you can also educate them about the usage of these protective kits.

You can choose us as your PPE Kit partner then distribute them among your workers to safeguard their health. PPE Kits can be used in any industry whether it is the health care industry, retail sectors, travel, industry and much more.

About PPE Kits

Now that you have understood the basic concept of PPE Kits lets dive into it a little deeper. PPE Kits protect you against the spread of COVID as well as offer protection from hazards such as chemical spills, gas leaks and other perils. You can add the usage of gloves, safety glasses, boots and reflective jackets to add to your well being when at work.

How Does a PPE Kit Work

In simple terms a PPE Kit acts as hindrance for disease causing virus to reach your body. When you are well covered with a personal protective gear you are secure against all pathogens that might harm you. A PPE kit comprises of all wearable items that shield you from hazards. These can be helmets, PPE gown, gloves, shoes, jacket and mask.

It works by offering a protective covering to your body preventing it to be exposed to disease causing agents. You can wear the PPE kit as per the demand of your working environment putting safety as your foremost concern.

Types of PPE Kits we Make  

At Modazer you can find a broad array of PPE Kits built for your safety. Here is a list of all the personal protective gears we manufacture.

PPE for Complete Protection

This is one of the most used PPE kits across the globe. As the name suggests it offers protection to your complete body. Under this category you will find a PPE Suit or protective uniform that shields you from all threats. You can even get the PPE suit customized as per the requirement of your work space. However, the PPE Kits we manufacture are sound for providing the maximum protection.

Some of the major PPE equipments produced at Modazer are PPE Suit, Lab Coat, Aprons, Life Jackets, Chemical Suits and Boiler suits.

PPE for Face Shielding

Your face is the most important part of the body that might be exposed to dangerous elements. Keeping this in mind we have developed the best PPE for face protection. When you wear a face shield the risks of getting infected reduces by a ton. No matter what your nature of work is it will keep you away from chemical spills, virus outbreak, spillage and more mishaps.

PPE for Eyes

It is important to note that eyes are the most important organ of the human body. Hence, you need to protect them against all odds that make it vulnerable to infections. Since the goal is to protect the eyes you can opt for goggles or full face shields. Making use of a full face shield you can guards your face along with eyes.

Eye protective gears might vary depending upon the category of work and amount of risk it is exposed to. Potentially infectious materials such as splashes, spray, splatter or droplets might act as contaminants. Hence, to safeguard your eyes eye protector glasses are required.

PPE for your Hands

Hand protection is one of the first and foremost factors when it comes to safety. In 2022 when the pandemic is expected to hit once again hit is necessary to cover your hands with a layer of safety. Hence, be sure to give importance to your handy safety.

Hand PPE Kit may differ as per the requirements. If you are a fire worker you need a fire resistant glove while medical workers must have a disposable hand gear.

PPE for Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection gear is the most important thing especially for health care workers. In the fight against Covid 19 the correct respiratory protective equipment is critical to savings lives and keeping our lion hearts safe.

RPE (respiratory protection equipment) is to protect your body from harmful substances or the Covid virus. PPE for breath protection includes respirators or respiratory protective equipment. Wearing a RPE keeps your protected against the highly contagious air borne virus.

PPE for Hearing Protection

The top priority of all health care providers is the safety of staff and patients. In addition to wearing PPE for your eyes, face and hands protecting your ears is also important. Those who are exposed to loud noises are in acute need of hearing protection equipment.

We manufacture PPE for hearing protection that keeps your safe against all noises that are above the recommended level. Hearing protection equipments include Earmuffs, Ear covers, Earplugs, Head caps and Canal caps.

Components of our PPE Kit

During this unprecedented time the health care industry has been on the agenda. Researchers found that in the Covid 19 outbreak the use of PPE kits added up to 100,000 tones. The biggest contribution to this is PPE Kits alone. Here is a list of all the components that a PPE Kit comprises of.

Face Shield

Face shields provide complete protection to your face covering your eyes, nose and mouth. They keep you away from the virus, chemical spills and even more.


Your hands act as conveyers for Infection and viruses. When an infected person touched another person or thing it is transmitted. Gloves include latex gloves, nitrile gloves, powdered gloves as well as non-powdered gloves.

N-95 Respirator Masks

N-95 Respirator Masks helps you to achieve a very precise protection against viruses and air borne particles.

Body Suit Gowns or Aprons

Wearing a body suit gown helps protect yourself and your co-workers. This actively reduces the spread of contaminants and viruses.

Shoe Covers

Ignoring your feet when it comes to complete protection could be a wrong decision. Shoe covers manufactured by Modazer protect your feet from hazardous agents.

Head Covers

Head cover protects your head from being exposed to germs or any other hazard substance. It also stops your feet from contaminating an area.

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